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Trust on us, and get premium quality Organic Cashew Nuts, Fresh Cashew Nuts, Sugar, Soybean, and a lot more...

Formed not long ago, yet managed to get enlisted amongst some of the top players of the market, we are, Konkan Agronic Private Limited, a company which always bests at offering Organic Cashew Nuts, Fresh Cashew Nuts, Sugar, Ground Nut, and a lot more. We are a high functioning exporter, importer, supplier and trader, which is continuously exceeding customer's contentment on every step of a business deal. Our prime emphasis is on ensuring it in every business deal that our customers get the best products in their hands without paying large amount of money. Being a company which understands all its responsibilities, we ensure that whenever our customers come to us to avail our products, they get the best at reasonable prices. We are engaged in exporting activities, and cater our offerings to countries such as China, Taiwan, Japan, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Korea, Singapore, Russia, Britain, Egypt, South Africa, France, Germany, Turkey, Uruguay, United States, Algeria, Paraguay, Australia, and Malaysia.

Why Choose Us?

We are a well established company, that has been engaged in exporting and supplying activities of premium quality Organic Cashew Nuts, Fresh Cashew Nuts, Soybean, Indian Sugar, and Spices, to name a few. We are prioritized by customers based on following attributes:
  • We always promise delivery of premium quality products.
  • We confirm that our customers receive our products promptly.
  • We price our offerings at most reasonable prices.

To become a leading business firm at a global level, by always being the best link between agriculture industries and markets worldwide.


Continuously devote the experience and skills to become the strongest and most innovative trading entity in the market, which brings forth local agricultural products such as Ground Nut, Organic Cashew Nuts, Fresh Cashew Nuts, Sugar, etc., to the doors of customers.

Our Values

Owing to our set of values, we have always been a company that works with integrity, and further prove to customers that no other company is a better option than us. These values are the cornerstone of our business deal, and owing to such manner of working we are able to make the societies and clients proud of our existence. Some of those values of our company are:
  • Globally
    • To always be there to support the customers on every step of business deal, and remain ready to deliver to them in every corner of the world.
  • Dependability
    • We must always take a step ahead in every operation so that we deliver as per expectations to all who depends on us.
  • Solidarity
    • Our focus remains on boosting morale of all who are linked with us, by providing them what they need in order to grow.
  • Adaptability
    • To stay alert regarding all the necessary elements that requires to be improved, so that we stand strongly on our ground, and benefit the clients continuously.
  • Persistence
    • We are always present to support our clients, and remain focused to delivering in a continuous manner, across the globe.
  • Progressiveness
    • To make sure that we do everything in order to add up to our level of brilliance and further grow faster in the markets.